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If this winter is anything like the last one you’ll want to be ready with a good store of logs by your hearth. For me one of the best things about winter is settling down in front of the fire, perhaps with a glass of red wine or a cocoa and feeling really cosy through the long dark nights.

Whether you have an open fire or a woodburning stove you will need something to keep your logs in. There are various options available depending on space and your ability to carry heavy weights! They all have handles but some may be too large to easily carry when fully loaded so you need something smaller to top it up with such as this Esparto Grass Log Carrier. It is a practical and rustic basket which can also be kept beside the fire.

You may like a large basket with wheels which we sell as Round, Oblong or Tall Oblong. We also sell a wheeled Log Store which has a large capacity in which you can create pleasing displays! Many of the baskets come in a range of sizes so there are plenty to choose from, whatever your needs.

Colour and shape?
So now you know what size you are looking for there are more choices to be made! Our log baskets come in a range of different colours – either the classic natural honey brown rattan, the darker Croco rattan, or the currently very fashionable and chic grey.
But you can’t stop there. You have to decide between round, square, oblong or oval or more unusual shapes.

The other choice needing to be made is whether to have a lined log basket. If you carry or move it around then you might be wise to have one with a lining to keep your floor clean. Our liners are made of tough hessian.

Fire starter!
You also have to light your fire so you need somewhere to store the kindling. We have two baskets specially made for this. The Square Dark Rattan Fireside Basket has two separate compartments for kindling and paper/firelighters and the Round Grey Kindling Basket has a lid to keep things looking tidy. You can also use the small sizes of our log baskets such as the Trug or Square Shaped Log Basket.

Now you have all the information you need to find your perfect wicker log basket. Go and browse our great selection now!