Christmas Gifts

Its that time of year again!  How did that happen so quickly?????  Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate and enjoy with your loved ones and catching up with friends.  Decorating the home inside and out is one of our favourites,  last year we re-potted our Christmas tree to use again this year.


These lovely grey rattan round planters can be used outside or inside and come with a solid liner.  We have many shapes and sizes of other planters ranging from £20 upwards with flexible liners just click on the link Here

I think you’ll agree our tree looks really attractive in this planter and you can appreciate and care for your tree for many years to come.










Table decorations like our rattan placemats make very special gifts at Christmas.  Handmade from rattan core which is the inner part of the rattan and makes a finer tight weave, these are the finest quality placemats.  Again I have added a link HERE to tableware and view our full range of placemats and coasters.








For that special person who enjoys a tipple!   We have these bottle carriers handmade from Morocco in natural bulrush with a strong leather handle, available in single or 2 bottle.  Link HERE

These are a perfect small gift for teachers, hairdressers to say thank you for this year.









This beautifully handcrafted rattan breakfast tray would make a most exquisite gift to someone special.  Made from the highest quality rattan with a wooden frame underneath to support the legs.  Available in honey or grey finish.  Link HERE

This would be a perfect gift for someone who works from home as it is plenty large enough for a laptop.






Grey Whitewash Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt from Kosmopolitan

Do not forget this!!!!!!!

The essential Christmas tree rattan skirt always finishes off the tree decorations,  in a whitewash finish and available in 4 sizes.  Made from strong rattan that will last for years.





Have an amazing Christmas & New year and as always thank you to all our customers new and returning for all your support through 2023…..  


From the Kosmopolitan Team 





It’s a cats life……


Joining us for my blog today are some furry friends Joey & Casper! Some delightful new recruits who were very compliant.  They were both helping to show off our stunning new pet beds.



The Joey pet cube is a very sturdy enclosed cube shaped bed on a strong solid wooden base.


These beds are stackable if you have more than one pet bed and as shown in the picture, perfect to hold a cup of tea and magazine as a table top.








These are top quality pet beds made from strong grey rattan in Indonesia, which are much more durable than cheaper willow beds and will stand the test of time for many years to come.


Easy to clean, just with a brush or can be wiped or hosed down.  Be sure to completely dry outside before your cat snuggles back in it.



Also available now is the new two tier Casper cat basket for one or two pets. One cosy enclosed space on the bottom and a higher top level, again beautifully handmade in grey rattan with a strong solid frame. Both pet beds are stunning pieces of furniture to admire! in any room.
















And not forgetting the matching accessory. Twin pet bowls available in 3 sizes with 2 stainless steel bowls, set in a rectangular shape grey rattan holder.  







Hope you have enjoyed the cute pictures of the very photogenic Casper & Joey xx

Many thanks to all our new & returning customers


From the Kosmopolitan Team 




Room for Change?


Now and again we update and refresh our decor at home.  A simple way to change the look or style is to make small adjustments like accessories, fabrics, cushions.

We stock a range of rattan lampshades which can give a different look or feel to any room.  Whether this is just a table lampshade or a hanging ceiling shade..




Our large round rattan floor lampshade is suitable for standing lamps or table lamp bases and are available in a natural rattan which I think gives a warmer feel to a room.  Different textures are important and yes you’ve guessed it plenty of plants!









I always think its nice to incorporate traditional and modern touches which work well below.  Our small round grey rattan lampshade traditional slope sided shade sits well on a much more modern base.




All our rattan lampshades are handmade in Indonesia on sturdy metal frames .



You can view our full selection of lampshades here

Hope I have given you some inspiration and many thanks for your continued support as always.






From the Kosmopolitan Team







Stunning Summer Shoppers

NEW NEW NEW!  African Shopping Baskets


Super excited to offer you our new stunning range of African shopping baskets, in beautiful bright colours of pink, lilac and blue with shoulder length strong leather handles and matching branded Kosmopolitan tag.




Our new range of sisal and wool shopping baskets compliments our already best selling classic French market shopping baskets. Beautiful bright summer essentials for the   beach, holiday bag or handbag.






With tan leather handles and matching Kosmopolitan branded tag.









This is the sisal plant which is largely grown in Ukambani, harvested and weaved in workshops in Nairobi. Once the sisal is harvested the inner soft leaves are used to make fiber.







The baskets are weaved using a spiral method of weaving which starts off as a mat then its weaved going upwards to the desired size. Weaving takes time as the warp and weft sisal threads are crisscrossed to form a pattern for the basket.







Basket weaving is essential work and is a skill passed down from generations. A profitable craft for many skilled weavers.







Many thanks for your continued support

From the Kosmopolitan Team















Tempting Tableware

This month we want to tempt you with our beautifully crafted Myanmar tableware for that fine dining experience

The finest quality woven placemats are made from rattan peel which is the inner part of the rattan palm, the peel is usually flatter making this perfect for a fine weave



These large 46cm x 31cm rectangular placemats are available in brown or grey finish sold individually or sets of 4,6,8,12.  We also have a standard size 38cm x 28cm in both finishes.


To compliment these some matching items wine coaster, set of coasters and a small oblong serving tray, which you will agree look fabulous on the table!






The round placemat is another option for your table this will fit a large dinner plate easily and again finished in both grey, honey. Only available in just the one size 29cm diameter


We also have stock in oval & square placemats which may fit your table better please measure carefully.










An alternative to your classic placemat is the underplate or charger, looks amazing and bought frequently for weddings, special occasions.  Available again in grey or honey


I do hope we have tempted you this month and as always thank you to all our customers old & new for your continued support


Please if you can send us your pictures we would love to see them just attach to an email many thanks


From the Kosmopolitan Team 













Never Enough Storage


The perfect storage space for all household clutter.

These cubed square baskets with a tapered style look amazing grouped together in storage units.

They are handmade in grey kubu rattan which is very strong and robust.

The design of the basket is very unique with one eared handle so you can pull out from your storage units with ease.


As you can see they fit and look fabulous in this particular unit.







Some more storage ideas to tempt you.


These 2 baskets are from the Myanmar range and made from a very fine tight weave rattan of the highest quality.

The fine oval storage basket available in 3 sizes which we like to call the peanut shaped basket!

And the small hold all, which is just stunning in any room and would fit perfectly by the side of your sofa.

Every home deserves a little bit of rattan!


Once again can I thank all our lovely customers for your continued support



From the Kosmopolitan Team













Easter Treats

We have a selection of easter treats available to choose from whether its an easter basket for your little ones egg hunt, a floral table decoration or just a lovely gift for someone special.



These gorgeous little baskets are the perfect size for collecting all the easter treats from the garden and lets hope the weather is kind to us.





Beautiful bulrush shopping basket in a two toned striped design a delightful gift .







Embroidered small palm basket handmade in striking colours







This small oval floral basket finished in natural rattan would make a stunning flower display for inside or out use.



May we wish you all a very happy, restful easter and we thank you again for all your continued support for our small family business.


From the Kosmopolitan Team



Mothers Day Gifts

With Mothers Day fast approaching, I have selected a few ideas to help you buy something gorgeous to treat her with. Whether she enjoys the garden, shopping, or table decoration I am sure we have some things to tempt you.


For the garden inside or out we have a grey rattan window box planter which has a black plastic liner and available in 2 sizes.

Long Leather Handled French Market Basket


For the mum that likes to shop, this long handled French market bag would be perfect. We also have a half shoulder available plus many more different styles.



Or this stunning Myanmar fine rattan serving Tray in 3 sizes honey or grey finish, the perfect tray for drinks and outside dining.


Baskets for Outdoor Living

I do hope my few ideas have helped and I would like to wish all the mothers far and wide, a happy super day on Sunday 19th March.

Many thanks again to you all for your continued support.  





New year New Myanmar

A little belated maybe but to all our customers old & new may we wish a very happy & healthy 2023. Your support throughout last year was amazing and Kosmopolitan would like to thank you, each & everyone of you. 

This new year brings lots of lovely new rattan products from the far east all handmade and gorgeous! I am sure you will agree. We have some exciting and much loved back in stock products from our Myanmar collection.


This large beautiful ottoman tray is a stunning example of the fine hand woven workmanship from the far east and its available in 2 sizes.


This time of year we all have the tissues at hand! Cover up that unsightly box with our rattan tissue box cover finished in grey or honey to match your decor.






Another of our Myanmar Delights is the oval drinks tray a dinner party must for your guests, finished in grey or honey. 


Sunday morning breakfast or perfect working tray, a stunning example of handmade fine rattan from Indonesia. Finished again in contemporary grey or classic honey.

All of these products are available now and in stock visit our tableware section or Myanmar collection. 


Our Exciting Selection of Lampshades

We are delighted with the selection of Rattan Lampshades we have to offer you at the moment. They are all hand crafted on sturdy metal frames and are remarkably versatile. They can add a rustic touch to sharp contemporary designs or finish a more traditional look with elegance.

There is an increasing need to be connected with nature and we think these lampshades do that perfectly. It’s not just the natural textures of the rattan that they bring to your room, but also the subtle textures of light through the weave, creating rustic atmospheres indoors! And no need to colour co-ordinate either as they fit in with any colour scheme!

Large Round Wicker Table or Floor Lampshade

Our newest range features a very open weave which is very on trend at the moment. They look fabulous with some of the exciting filament light bulbs available now, but work just as well with a warm soft glow bulb too.

Many of us have spent so much more time at home than usual over the past year or so and some of us have got a little fed up with constantly being in the same space. But don’t worry, you can really change the feel of your room by adding ambient lighting or changing your main lampshade to bring natural impact with a stunning focal point. No need for repainting or expensive furniture! 

Tall Cylindrical Grey Rattan Pendant Lampshade
Large Shaped Grey Rattan Lampshade Alight

Make sure you choose the correct type for your light as they are either for ceiling/hanging fittings or table/floor lamps.



Take a look at our full range here

An update from Kosmopolitan

We have been really busy over the last year. The shops were shut so we all turned online. It has been invaluable to be able to shop from home, not only when there was something we really needed, but also buying ourselves treats to keep our spirits up!

Now the shops have opened again we are having a bit of a rest with a couple of holidays – mainly at home! It wasn’t until this spring that we realised we hadn’t had a break since this all started over a year ago!

Another side effect of the pandemic for us has been that the increased demand for goods from the east has caused difficulties with supply. Manufacturing slowed or stopped for a while, demand increased and the pressure on hiring shipping containers has vastly increased the cost of transportation. It can now cost four times as much to send a container load from Indonesia than it did before the pandemic. You may therefore notice that quite a few of our popular products are out of stock, but hopefully not for long. More supplies of selected items should be arriving next month, while others may not be available until October. If you are wondering when something will be back in stock, do email us and we will find out for you.

This will inevitably lead to an increase in prices but we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum and hopefully things will return to normal as time goes on.

We thank you for your custom, and your patience if what you want is out of stock. We are all looking forward to doing more things and going more places and send you all our very best wishes.

Send us your photos!

Sometimes people send us photos of baskets they have bought from us and we think it would be great to set up a customer’s gallery so everyone can view them. It can be very useful to see an item in a home setting to check what it may look like in your own space. We already have one for our doggy customers here but think it would be great to extend that to all our basketware.

We’d love to see your rattan planters with their floral displays. These have proved so popular this Spring and Summer, maybe because a lot of people have had more time to spend in their gardens! It would be great to see dining tables set out with our fabulous placemats and log baskets beside your fires. It would be especially interesting if you are being creative and using your basket for an unusual purpose, such as a French Market Basket used for storage.

So from now on, when we send out your dispatch notification email, we will invite you to attach a photo in a reply. Once you have received your basket and put it into use, take a quick photo and we will add it to the gallery.

We are really looking forward to seeing your images and how our lovely basketware fits into your home.

Here’s one of Holly enjoying her new bed!

Staying safe with Kosmopolitan

We would like to reassure all our customers that Kosmopolitan is doing all it can to carry on supplying you with the best quality basketware at this time.

We are still trading normally as the Government has said online retailers can remain open.

We are a small family business working from home so we have no interactions with others apart from dropping parcels off for a courier, the occasional delivery and personal shopping. These are all done following the Governments guidelines on social distancing and other safety precautions.

We hope all our customer stay safe and look forward to a brighter future.

UPDATE Oct 2020: We are no longer under complete lockdown but we still abide by all Government guidelines for our area.

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Combat the Winter Blues

If you are suffering from the winter blues this year it might be time to think of ways of combating that feeling. The weather hasn’t helped: we seem to have a storm every other day, not to mention the deluge! I quite like storms though and love to go wave watching so it’s quite handy living near Land’s End!

Once Christmas is over there are usually quite a few signs of hopefulness like snowdrops, catkins and daffodils.  In fact buds are fattening up everywhere and reminding us that it’s time to start thinking about the garden!

If you didn’t put any bulbs in pots last year, don’t despair! You can buy gorgeous little Tete-a-tete daffodils, tulips of all colours and vivid blue grape hyacinths in pots ready to give a wonderful spirit-lifting show!

Find the right planter for your space here.

Spending time in the garden or local park has the added bonus of increasing our vitamin D levels which is said to increase a sense of well-being, as does being around plants and trees generally.

A lot of people combat the winter gloom by having a quick break somewhere sunny. A week on a beach in February can reset the brain wonderfully. If you are off somewhere don’t forget to check out our lovely range of holiday bags, also known as French Market Baskets. Brilliant for taking to the beach or wandering round local markets, they are tough, attractive and eco-friendly! Choose from simple natural palm bags or have a bit of fun with the fringed, coloured or embroidered range!

Another thing which can help your state of mind is clearing clutter and sorting stuff around the house. At this time of year we see an increase in sales of super-handy storage baskets. The grey rattan has been really popular over the last few years but I have a feeling that the warmer brown tones will come back into fashion this year. Chunky weaves can give a rustic feel but finely woven rattan-peel baskets from Myanmar can give a more sophisticated effect. Whatever your décor there will be a basket to suit you. And once you’ve cleared your clutter and sorted your head you can relax with your favourite tipple, or tea, and look forward to summer!

Wicker Christmas Tree Skirts – get yours here!

Once again our Christmas Tree skirts are proving really popular already. We sold a few all year round but people are really beginning to focus on Christmas; we need something to take our minds off ‘other things’ I think!

Our wicker skirts come in a choice of 4 sizes so you can get the best fit for your tree. If you do a search for tree skirts online Google comes up with all sorts of things. They are made from metal, material, faux fur and even tinsel. Ours are made from very strong rattan with a whitewashed grey finish. They are very robust, not brittle like some of the cheaper willow ones you may find.

Buy your fabulous best quality Christmas Tree Skirt HERE

As you now have the opportunity to leave reviews once you have purchased one of our products, we are now getting feedback about what great quality they are. How about this one from Linda S:

“The quality of this wicker tree skirt is outstanding and will certainly endure many Christmas’s to come. It is well-built, solid and sturdy. The whitewash effect looks fabulous – I can’t wait until Christmas so I can use it!

Delivery was prompt and the team at Kosmopolitan kept me updated every step of the way. Yes, there are cheaper versions out there but I can guarantee they will be poor imitations, you really do get what you pay for!”

Or this from Alison:

Absolutely delighted with my wicker Christmas tree ? skirt’s ?? Ordered 3 different sizes with you they are very well made really good quality will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends ?

Remember to read the instructions given about how to measure your stand so you don’t have to return it for a different size. Just be sure to allow a few centimetres for size variation and remember they are conical in shape so there is less room at the top.

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, with better weather than we normally have. Wouldn’t a white Christmas be great – haven’t had one in many years, but living down here in Cornwall maybe that’s not surprising!  
I love it when it gets here and I love it when it’s gone!!


Autumn is upon us and it’s a rather reflective time, I think. We look back on the lovely summer and anticipate the unknown winter to come, stocking up for a season of quiet cosiness.

Inside the home, our instinct is to focus on comfort and warmth for winter. It’s about this time when I get out some of my fairy lights to hang around the living room to give a cosy, celebratory look!

Make sure you have plenty of logs for roaring fires on chilly evenings. We can supply you with fantastic quality log baskets in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes including two for kindling which have lids to keep everything looking tidy. There is also a larger log store if you have plenty of room where you can show off your log stacking skills!
We do have some new additions this year so make sure you explore the full collection here

Now the weather is getting cold we can spend more time making our homes look lovely and functioning smoothly. Make sure you have an umbrella (and walking stick!) basket in your porch or hallway – we have a choice of two in our Storage section. Here you can also find different shaped baskets for keeping gloves and hats tidy on hall shelves. Basically, the more bits and pieces you can keep in baskets, the tidier a room looks.

In the garden it’s a time for cutting back dying plants and bringing in the final harvests. Our rattan trugs are a practical and pleasing way of collecting garden produce and flowers and there’s a choice of two sizes depending on the size of your plot. It’s also time for planning what to do with your wicker hanging baskets and planters; are you changing the plants for an autumn/winter display or emptying and storing them, preferably somewhere dry? I love to have pots of cyclamen around my front door at this time of year; they are such vibrant reds and pinks and make the entrance look welcoming and inviting. They last for ages too!

I also have to say that some people are already starting to think of Christmas! The Tree Skirts are beginning to sell again. Once you have one it will last you for many years, so avoid a panic and order now!!

For cat lovers …

                           … we have two new baskets specially for you!
They are both made from top quality grey rattan and are for multiple cat owners, or those with one cat that likes a choice of beds on different levels! As cat lovers ourselves we are well aware of their idiosyncratic behaviour and can’t help but try and fulfil their every wish!

This one is the two tier variety with a cosy ground level that gives your cat a cocooned safe place to retreat to when not wanting to be disturbed! The top level is open and much more public. As any cat lover knows, they like to survey the world from an elevated position to keep an eye on what’s going on. They may look asleep but you can be sure they are aware of anything that might affect their peace and comfort!

This bed comes with a free cushion on each level but you might want to substitute a more snuggly cover for maximum contentment.  I suggest an old woolly jumper!

It is beautifully made with an arched doorway and a rattan pole base and is a really solid piece of furniture.

For anyone who’s really dotty about cats we have a high-rise three tier cat bed with two enclosed spaces and an open upper deck! This comes with just one free cushion, but we think your feline friends will want you to choose a special mattress anyway, just for them. They can hunker down in the two lower levels and be really protected from unsuspected attack – I’m thinking toddlers here! If you have a little dog, they might like to give this a try too! This basket has a wide base which makes it very sturdy, so it won’t topple over when the cat jumps up.

You can get really cheap pet beds made from imported willow but you’ll find they often won’t last very long. The wicker is usually very brittle and splits easily. Our baskets are made from strong grey rattan and will last for many years to come.

To see our full range of pet beds please click here

Baskets for your garden

Browse our lovely selection of wicker baskets for your plants, both for indoors or out. Rattan makes lovely sturdy containers for floral and foliage displays. We have the classic brown pot holders for smaller pots in two styles. There are the classic simple rustic holders in a set of three or the finer and more decorative set of five from Lombok. These are ideal for around the house or in a conservatory.

At the moment we have a larger selection of planters in the grey rattan. The window box style is available as a simple basket in two sizes. You can line these yourself to suit your planting and it has handles to help attach to a ledge.

A recent new addition to our stock is this very sturdy trough planter with a metal liner and a bluish finish which compliments green foliage beautifully. They are very good quality, usable indoors or out and will last for many years.

Another rattan planter with a metal liner is square shaped and lined with zinc. This stunning container would look fabulous on a patio with a taller plant, such as an Olive or Bay tree with a slender trunk. Usable indoors or out.

These two have plastic liners. The shorter one has a plastic bowl with no drainage holes so is suitable for indoor plants in pots. The larger and taller one has plastic liner with drainage holes. They make a real impact wherever they are.

Of course we also stock the classic wicker hanging basket with 3 sturdy metal chains and hook for hanging in your chosen position. These can be refilled throughout the year with seasonal plants so you always have a stunning display.

No collection of garden baskets would be complete without a trug and we have a choice of three for you. There is the classic natural brown in two sizes, small or large, the smaller being especially good for harvesting vegetables. Both of these can double up as kindling and log holders by the fire in the winter when you’re not doing so much gardening! We now also have a very stylish grey rattan trug which is fabulous for picking flowers and herbs around the garden. The smaller trugs are also ideal for creating displays around the home with dried flowers or vegetables in the kitchen.