Caring for your Baskets

The woven nature of Rattan baskets means that they will catch the dust.
To remove it use the brush tool of your vacuum cleaner.
Every now and then give them a more thorough clean.

Here’s how:

  • cleaningHose them down outside the house (or in a shower), lightly brushing them at the same time.
  • For stubborn stains you can use a mild soap solution.
  • Wipe off the water with a soft cloth, and then leave the basket to dry, preferably outdoors in the sun and wind.
  • Allowing a wicker basket to get wet occasionally can help to prolong its life, but do not leave it damp for too long as mould may form.
  • If your basket appears dull after washing and drying, simply spray with furniture polish and buff with a soft cloth.




Wastepaper BasketSpecial care for rush and palm-weave baskets
Rush and palm-weave baskets are more tightly woven and should not be washed, as they may take too long to dry if saturated and can be damaged or become mouldy. To clean them, vacuum as above and/or wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Ensure that your basket/s are thoroughly dry before use.