Discover our new range of chic shoppers …

We have a lovely selection of fabulous French shopping baskets to show you.
The old favourites are back, such as the Long Handled Shopper and the Large French Market Basket with short handles (which we also call the Supermarket Shopper as that’s what we use ours for!)

But we also have some lovely new ones such as the very fashionable and chic Small Round Handbag and the Palm Satchel which looks like it’s ready to be taken on adventures!

There are various options for the handles, although we mainly sell leather as we think sisal ones are rather rough on the hands, especially when full of veg from the local market! There are long or short handles, but also some in-between that fit over the shoulder and can also be carried by hand.

Some have a calico lining and others have a leather trim on the top edge for extra durability.
And that’s just the plain ones! We also stock patterned, embroidered, sequined and fringed bags so there is bound to be one to suit you!    See full range here.

Although they are sold as shopping baskets they can also be great for storage in the home – towels in your bathroom, clothes in the bedroom or knitting by the sofa! They are also handy for picnics or the beach.

And there is a selection for your children too. The plain ones come with leather or sisal handles, which make great children’s party bags. Try also using them as decorative storage around the house – soaps in the bathroom, onions and garlic in the kitchen and dried flowers or pot pourri in your bedroom. There are even ones with pink sequin hearts or green stars on!  

See full range here.

All these baskets are handmade by small producers or families in Morocco, even though they are known as French Market Baskets. It’s because they are so stylish that they became popular in France!

Remember, these baskets are not just for summer – they work all year round! And they really are the environmental option when it comes to shopping. Supermarkets suggest it’s green to buy one of their long-life bags, but they are still made of plastic which will be polluting the earth for hundreds or thousands of years. So be stylish and ethical at the same time – what’s not to love!!