This Christmas I have vowed to only give presents that I know people want, that are well made, ethical and come from small sellers. It dawned on me that that is exactly what Kosmopolitan does! We have such a wide range of useful items in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they are bound to be pleased. And who doesn’t love a basket! 

Also, our baskets are all really well made so you know you are giving them something that will last for many years. This is really important at a time when we are all realising we need to minimise our consumption and opt out of the throwaway society.

Now you just have to make sure you buy what they want. Here’s a little help…


For little ones …

How about a rocking horse for galloping away

                         … or a chair for quietly looking at a new book

                                                             … or a cute little shopping basket filled with sweets or treats.

For a garden-loving friend …

A rattan planter for stylish conservatory or patio plants

                        … or a hanging basket ready planted with some winter flowering plants

                                                                …  or a set of 5 finely woven plant pot holders.

For Granny! …

How about a breakfast tray for leisurely breakfasts in bed

                          … or a trinket box to keep special things safe

                                                                             …  or an egg basket for a stylish kitchen display.

For Dad …

A sturdy log basket for beside the fire

                                          … a bottle carrier to keep his favourite tipple safe!

                                                                                     … or a wastepaper basket for beside his desk.

Mum would love …

A Moroccan basket to carry around town

                                     … a classy lampshade for the living room

                                                                     …  or a stunning giant tablemat as a statement centrepiece.

And there’s even one for your dog!


Choose from our great range for all shapes and sizes of dogs!                                          


                                 Woof woof !