We are delighted to introduce Moses Baskets from Ghana – with a WOW factor!

These are sturdy beautiful baskets hand woven in co-operatives in Northern Ghana. They are made from veta vera grass (also known as elephant grass) which weaves into very strong baskets, perfect for your sleeping baby. They take about three days to complete and are made by both male and female weavers.

These workers have usually been taught the age-old art of basket weaving from their own mothers and fathers.  Agricultural work is the mainstay of most weavers’ family incomes, but poor rainfall often makes life extremely challenging. Basket weaving brings the opportunity to earn a valuable second income and also gives flexibility to workers as they can work from home if necessary.

These baskets come in stunning patterns and colours, giving a fun and unusual addition to early motherhood. They have sturdy woven handles wrapped in soft and sustainably sourced goat’s leather (we do recommend however that you take baby out before moving the basket). Each basket comes with a soft, quilted hypoallergenic foam mattress.

One of the most striking is the Black Patterned Moses Basket with its bold ethnic pattern. This goes with any colour scheme and brings added pleasure to baby’s naps!

The Pink Orange and Turquoise design will make you smile and we’d like to think it will give you a little boost of energy every time you look at it!  We know how tiring motherhood can be!

The Coloured Diamond Patterned Moses Basket uses softer colours and less dazzling patterns but with the same individuality to baby’s nap time.

Of course, one of the best things about these moses baskets is the fact that they are ethically produced and give work to local communities in areas of Ghana in great need of additional income.

They make the ultimate gift for any new mother and bring a bit of panache wherever you take them.
Keep an eye on your baby whilst it sleeps, wherever you need to be. This safe and stylish bed can be passed on to any new arrival too!