We are delighted with the selection of Rattan Lampshades we have to offer you at the moment. They are all hand crafted on sturdy metal frames and are remarkably versatile. They can add a rustic touch to sharp contemporary designs or finish a more traditional look with elegance.

There is an increasing need to be connected with nature and we think these lampshades do that perfectly. It’s not just the natural textures of the rattan that they bring to your room, but also the subtle textures of light through the weave, creating rustic atmospheres indoors! And no need to colour co-ordinate either as they fit in with any colour scheme!

Large Round Wicker Table or Floor Lampshade

Our newest range features a very open weave which is very on trend at the moment. They look fabulous with some of the exciting filament light bulbs available now, but work just as well with a warm soft glow bulb too.

Many of us have spent so much more time at home than usual over the past year or so and some of us have got a little fed up with constantly being in the same space. But don’t worry, you can really change the feel of your room by adding ambient lighting or changing your main lampshade to bring natural impact with a stunning focal point. No need for repainting or expensive furniture! 

Tall Cylindrical Grey Rattan Pendant Lampshade
Large Shaped Grey Rattan Lampshade Alight

Make sure you choose the correct type for your light as they are either for ceiling/hanging fittings or table/floor lamps.



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