Oblong Wicker Storage Basket with Rounded Corners



These oblong baskets are great for general storage but they are ideal as toilet roll holders as they will fit 8 rolls very neatly. They also make brilliant magazine holders and come with handles at each end. The pleasing rounded corners are a great feature.

Width: 55cm, 60cm incl. handles
Depth: 20cm
Height: 30cm



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Oblong Wicker Storage Basket with Rounded Corners

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Because all our baskets are handmade from natural materials there may be some variation in size and colour. If you need to fit a specific space, please contact us to check measurements.

Rattan is an extremely durable material and easily cleaned. Dust can be removed with the brush tool of your vacuum cleaner and more stubborn dirt can be washed off with water or mild soap solution. Allow baskets to dry thoroughly.

Rattan is a climbing palm that closely resembles the stem of a rose. It grows from the forest floor, using trees as support, and is typically harvested when it is a few years old. Because the trees in natural forests are left standing when rattan is harvested, it can be sustainably produced.
Rattan peel or outer bark is stripped from the main stem revealing the inner Rattan core. The peel which is usually flat is used for fine weaving while the thicker round core is used for more substantial weaves such as in our log and dog baskets.


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