Oval Pink and Turquoise Bicycle Basket from Ghana



This pink and turquoise bike basket is made in Ghana by skilled weavers in small cooperatives. The colourful pattern makes these stunning baskets an unusual and practical accessory for any cyclist. They attach to handlebars with two leather straps and are great for shopping trips or picnics. They make a lovely gift and could also be used as eye-catching storage when attached to a towel rail, banister or cot.

Width: 38cm
Depth: 25cm
Height: 28cm

Veta Vera Grass & Leather


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Oval Pink and Turquoise Bicycle Basket from Ghana

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Because all our baskets are handmade from natural materials there may be some variation in size and colour. If you need to fit a specific space, please contact us to check measurements.

These fun bicycle baskets are hand woven from indigenous veta vera grass, or Elephant Grass, which is harvested, split, hand-rolled and dyed in boiling water. It is then made into these colourful baskets by weavers in cooperatives in Northern Ghana where the skill is passed down the generations. Each bike basket can take up to three days to make.

Most of the weavers are also arable and livestock farmers so basket weaving provides a valuable extra income in unpredictable weather and the dry season, helping families meet their basic living costs.