Now and again we update and refresh our decor at home.  A simple way to change the look or style is to make small adjustments like accessories, fabrics, cushions.

We stock a range of rattan lampshades which can give a different look or feel to any room.  Whether this is just a table lampshade or a hanging ceiling shade..




Our large round rattan floor lampshade is suitable for standing lamps or table lamp bases and are available in a natural rattan which I think gives a warmer feel to a room.  Different textures are important and yes you’ve guessed it plenty of plants!









I always think its nice to incorporate traditional and modern touches which work well below.  Our small round grey rattan lampshade traditional slope sided shade sits well on a much more modern base.




All our rattan lampshades are handmade in Indonesia on sturdy metal frames .



You can view our full selection of lampshades here

Hope I have given you some inspiration and many thanks for your continued support as always.






From the Kosmopolitan Team