Our stunning new contemporary range of natural finish tableware, available now at Kosmopolitan.  




Handcrafted in the far east and made from the highest quality rattan.






Rattan is a climbing palm and it grows from the forest floor using tree’s as support. 




The tree’s in the natural forests are left standing when rattan is harvested, so it can be sustainably produced.






The Myanmar range is handmade from rattan core, which is the inner part of the rattan and rattan peel, which is the outer bark of the rattan. 


This results in the finest and highest quality woven baskets.




From beautiful serving trays to placemats and condiment holders…..


A breakfast tray for that perfect gift?
















To gorgeous ice/bottle holders or cheese trays for entertaining….


Bring a touch of class to your table!












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Our Myanmar products are also available in grey or honey finish.


Many thanks to all our customers new & returning for your continued support to a small family business,


From the Kosmopolitan Team xx