We know how useful reviews are when buying online so we have just set up a system which enables you to see what other customers have thought of each product and also allows you to leave a review once you have received your purchase.

You may not see that many product reviews as yet as this is just the beginning and we are not going to leave them ourselves!

What happens is that about 5 days after you make your purchase – enough time for you to have received your item – you will get an email asking you to leave a review. It gives you a link to click on so the whole process is clear and simple. It only takes a minute! We would be really grateful if you would do this for us. You can just fill in the star rating section or you can leave a comment as well, which we would love you to do.

We know that a lot of people use Amazon to check out product reviews before buying elsewhere, and in our opinion that is the only way you should use Amazon! But because our products are not universally available you will not be able to do this here. Many of our items are only available in a handful of retail outlets and because we have a policy of selling the best quality basketware, you can use reviews on other products to indicate the general quality of our stock. We do not sell cheap brittle willow imports. Almost all our baskets are made from rattan in Indonesia and Myanmar or palm in Morocco.

Quality goods will last a very long time which is great economically and environmentally. There is a movement in the fashion industry against the mega-cheap, throw-away culture of outlets like Primark which we fully endorse. A good basket can last you a lifetime!

So when you have made your purchase and received you email asking you to leave a review, please do so. It only takes a minute. It helps us and it helps others, and when others do it, it helps you!

Many thanks.
Diana & Pete