Autumn is upon us and it’s a rather reflective time, I think. We look back on the lovely summer and anticipate the unknown winter to come, stocking up for a season of quiet cosiness.

Inside the home, our instinct is to focus on comfort and warmth for winter. It’s about this time when I get out some of my fairy lights to hang around the living room to give a cosy, celebratory look!

Make sure you have plenty of logs for roaring fires on chilly evenings. We can supply you with fantastic quality log baskets in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes including two for kindling which have lids to keep everything looking tidy. There is also a larger log store if you have plenty of room where you can show off your log stacking skills!
We do have some new additions this year so make sure you explore the full collection here

Now the weather is getting cold we can spend more time making our homes look lovely and functioning smoothly. Make sure you have an umbrella (and walking stick!) basket in your porch or hallway – we have a choice of two in our Storage section. Here you can also find different shaped baskets for keeping gloves and hats tidy on hall shelves. Basically, the more bits and pieces you can keep in baskets, the tidier a room looks.

In the garden it’s a time for cutting back dying plants and bringing in the final harvests. Our rattan trugs are a practical and pleasing way of collecting garden produce and flowers and there’s a choice of two sizes depending on the size of your plot. It’s also time for planning what to do with your wicker hanging baskets and planters; are you changing the plants for an autumn/winter display or emptying and storing them, preferably somewhere dry? I love to have pots of cyclamen around my front door at this time of year; they are such vibrant reds and pinks and make the entrance look welcoming and inviting. They last for ages too!

I also have to say that some people are already starting to think of Christmas! The Tree Skirts are beginning to sell again. Once you have one it will last you for many years, so avoid a panic and order now!!