Browse our lovely selection of wicker baskets for your plants, both for indoors or out. Rattan makes lovely sturdy containers for floral and foliage displays. We have the classic brown pot holders for smaller pots in two styles. There are the classic simple rustic holders in a set of three or the finer and more decorative set of five from Lombok. These are ideal for around the house or in a conservatory.

At the moment we have a larger selection of planters in the grey rattan. The window box style is available as a simple basket in two sizes. You can line these yourself to suit your planting and it has handles to help attach to a ledge.

A recent new addition to our stock is this very sturdy trough planter with a metal liner and a bluish finish which compliments green foliage beautifully. They are very good quality, usable indoors or out and will last for many years.

Another rattan planter with a metal liner is square shaped and lined with zinc. This stunning container would look fabulous on a patio with a taller plant, such as an Olive or Bay tree with a slender trunk. Usable indoors or out.

These two have plastic liners. The shorter one has a plastic bowl with no drainage holes so is suitable for indoor plants in pots. The larger and taller one has plastic liner with drainage holes. They make a real impact wherever they are.

Of course we also stock the classic wicker hanging basket with 3 sturdy metal chains and hook for hanging in your chosen position. These can be refilled throughout the year with seasonal plants so you always have a stunning display.

No collection of garden baskets would be complete without a trug and we have a choice of three for you. There is the classic natural brown in two sizes, small or large, the smaller being especially good for harvesting vegetables. Both of these can double up as kindling and log holders by the fire in the winter when you’re not doing so much gardening! We now also have a very stylish grey rattan trug which is fabulous for picking flowers and herbs around the garden. The smaller trugs are also ideal for creating displays around the home with dried flowers or vegetables in the kitchen.