If you take a look in our Laundry Basket section you’ll see we have something for every style and size of bathroom. Whether you have tons of space and need lots of capacity for a big family, or live on your own with style as a priority, we think you will find just the thing to suit you.

Clothes Baskets

We have two sizes of the classic clothes basket, oval in shape, with handles for carrying. These are useful for taking dirty clothes to the washing machine and then out to the washing line and back when dry. They can also be used as a laundry basket in the bathroom – good as a log basket too!

Other open baskets which are more individual are these really attractive round Mixed Weave Storage Basket or the Round Agel Grass Storage Basket with handles.

Choice of two sizes

All our other baskets made specifically for laundry have lids to keep things looking tidy. There’s a classic Rattan Linen Basket with a Calico liner in a choice of two sizes, so if it’s volume you need the large one will suit you! It’s also very robust.  Another Lined Linen Bin has a short liner held in place with velcro. The basket itself is very handsome and is made from pale peeled rattan, also known as rattancore, and has a pleasing pattern around the centre made from twisted bananleaf. This also comes in a choice of two sizes.

Grey Wicker Laundry Basket

There is another pale coloured laundry basket available made from palm – Palm Laundry Basket. This comes from Morocco and is simple and lightweight with handles and a lid. If you like a simple basket but prefer the darker wicker you may like the Round Lacak Laundry Basket with a lid.

Grey wicker has become really popular in the last 5 years or so. If that’s your preference then you will like the Square Grey Laundry Basket with a Calico lining with a double-weave pattern around the centre. This has lots of space and will suit modern or traditional bathroom styles.

One of my favourites is the small Drum Laundry Basket made from rattan peel woven around rattancore, but it won’t suit the needs of a large family! It is such a pleasing basket and can also be used in any room as an occasional table with useful hidden storage.

Don’t forget that baskets are multi-purpose, so if you’re trying to fit a laundry basket into an awkward space then check out our Log Baskets or Storage Baskets sections to see if we have something different that might be just what you need. Be creative!