If you are suffering from the winter blues this year it might be time to think of ways of combating that feeling. The weather hasn’t helped: we seem to have a storm every other day, not to mention the deluge! I quite like storms though and love to go wave watching so it’s quite handy living near Land’s End!

Once Christmas is over there are usually quite a few signs of hopefulness like snowdrops, catkins and daffodils.  In fact buds are fattening up everywhere and reminding us that it’s time to start thinking about the garden!

If you didn’t put any bulbs in pots last year, don’t despair! You can buy gorgeous little Tete-a-tete daffodils, tulips of all colours and vivid blue grape hyacinths in pots ready to give a wonderful spirit-lifting show!

Find the right planter for your space here.

Spending time in the garden or local park has the added bonus of increasing our vitamin D levels which is said to increase a sense of well-being, as does being around plants and trees generally.

A lot of people combat the winter gloom by having a quick break somewhere sunny. A week on a beach in February can reset the brain wonderfully. If you are off somewhere don’t forget to check out our lovely range of holiday bags, also known as French Market Baskets. Brilliant for taking to the beach or wandering round local markets, they are tough, attractive and eco-friendly! Choose from simple natural palm bags or have a bit of fun with the fringed, coloured or embroidered range!

Another thing which can help your state of mind is clearing clutter and sorting stuff around the house. At this time of year we see an increase in sales of super-handy storage baskets. The grey rattan has been really popular over the last few years but I have a feeling that the warmer brown tones will come back into fashion this year. Chunky weaves can give a rustic feel but finely woven rattan-peel baskets from Myanmar can give a more sophisticated effect. Whatever your décor there will be a basket to suit you. And once you’ve cleared your clutter and sorted your head you can relax with your favourite tipple, or tea, and look forward to summer!