… we have two new baskets specially for you!
They are both made from top quality grey rattan and are for multiple cat owners, or those with one cat that likes a choice of beds on different levels! As cat lovers ourselves we are well aware of their idiosyncratic behaviour and can’t help but try and fulfil their every wish!

This one is the two tier variety with a cosy ground level that gives your cat a cocooned safe place to retreat to when not wanting to be disturbed! The top level is open and much more public. As any cat lover knows, they like to survey the world from an elevated position to keep an eye on what’s going on. They may look asleep but you can be sure they are aware of anything that might affect their peace and comfort!

This bed comes with a free cushion on each level but you might want to substitute a more snuggly cover for maximum contentment.  I suggest an old woolly jumper!

It is beautifully made with an arched doorway and a rattan pole base and is a really solid piece of furniture.

For anyone who’s really dotty about cats we have a high-rise three tier cat bed with two enclosed spaces and an open upper deck! This comes with just one free cushion, but we think your feline friends will want you to choose a special mattress anyway, just for them. They can hunker down in the two lower levels and be really protected from unsuspected attack – I’m thinking toddlers here! If you have a little dog, they might like to give this a try too! This basket has a wide base which makes it very sturdy, so it won’t topple over when the cat jumps up.

You can get really cheap pet beds made from imported willow but you’ll find they often won’t last very long. The wicker is usually very brittle and splits easily. Our baskets are made from strong grey rattan and will last for many years to come.

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