Our latest stunning Moroccan Bags!


This beautiful open weave French style market shopping basket with short hand held dark rolled leather handles is just one of our new additions. 

Hand made in palm leaf from Morocco,  this is an ideal size for shopping very light weight with a sturdy flat bottom.









This is a our new double handled leather rimmed bag, which has longer over the shoulder flat comfortable leather straps, but also has shorter hand held straps too!  Finished with gorgeous natural finish leather.

 Smaller in height than the open weave but larger in capacity. 







My personal favourite!  The deep belly basket in 3 sizes.

These are amazing, super strong as they are made from a thicker palm with wide tan leather flat handles.  The smaller size would make an ideal shopping bag and the larger would make excellent clothes, wash basket.  Extremely versatile for anything….








Our classic half shoulder bag, always popular….  with a slight twist this time gone are the dark handles in with the natural rolled leather and stronger double stitched rim.

A simple but super stylish accessory for this season. The shopper, the holiday, the beach, the gift.












The Raffia bag, is a simple design statement!  An attractive handbag which is quite rigid with a flat bottom. Double handles in tan leather the longer being adjustable to fit you perfectly. Inside the bag you have a fabric drawstring closure to secure your belongings.

The Raffia is hand made from finer segments of the palm leaves which gives a much more tighter weave. The perfect summer bag for a special event or day out at the races.





The Rustic! palm shopper, available in 2 sizes.  Another super sustainable shopping basket hand made from natural palm material.  Perfect for the supermarket just pop in the trolley, smaller one for delicate items and the larger for anything. 

Very versatile baskets and quite strong. 









A slightly different version of the gold sequin star bag.

The rim of the basket has been double stitched and the handles are finished in natural rolled leather. This is a half shoulder bag, and inside there is a drawstring fabric topper to secure your belongings. It has a decorative gold sequin star sewn on one side.









Back in stock….. Two-Tone oblong bulrush shopping baskets in 2 sizes.













Back in stock…. Double handled & long handled baskets with stronger double stitched rim.














Moroccan “French Style” market baskets are hand woven by artisans mainly from the leaves of the Mediterranean Dwarf Palm. This is common on the southern slopes of the Atlas Mountains.
Bulrush is also a commonly used material which is typically woven by two people, one at either end of a loom, and then stitched together with palm rope.
These baskets are perfect for picnics, the beach and of course make great sustainable shoppers.


Thank you as always for your support to a small family business,


Kosmopolitan 🙂