Grey Wicker Pet Pod or Cat Basket

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Lovely wicker pet pod, ideal for cats or small dogs. Shaped like a cocoon so they feel really safe and cosy! Woven in sturdy grey rattan and raised off the floor on a round wooden base, this pet bed comes with complimentary cushion (not machine washable). This top quality product will last for many years.

Width: 50cm
Depth: 52cm
Height: 48cm

Grey Rattan



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Grey Wicker Pet Pod or Cat Basket

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Because all our baskets are handmade from natural materials there may be some variation in size and colour. If you need to fit a specific space, please contact us to check measurements.

Rattan is an extremely durable material and easily cleaned. Dust can be removed with the brush tool of your vacuum cleaner and more stubborn dirt can be washed off with water or mild soap solution. Allow baskets to dry thoroughly.

Rattan is a climbing palm that closely resembles the stem of a rose. It grows from the forest floor, using trees as support, and is typically harvested when it is a few years old. Because the trees in natural forests are left standing when rattan is harvested, it can be sustainably produced.
Rattan peel or outer bark is stripped from the main stem revealing the inner Rattan core. The peel which is usually flat is used for fine weaving while the thicker round core is used for more substantial weaves such as in our log and dog baskets.

Greywash rattan is naturally cured which gives it a lustrous grey colour and makes it weather resistant.  A naturally occurring mineral found in the soil in some areas is key to the curing process.  The rattan is soaked for up to a month in dark mineral pools while villagers carefully turn them at certain points in the process.

10 reviews for Grey Wicker Pet Pod or Cat Basket

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    I love this product and so do my kittens. My only slight criticism (hence the lost star) is the amount of plastic that was used as part of the packaging for delivery. The whole piece was completely wrapped in plastic sheeting when it came, which shouldn’t really be a thing in this day and age.

  2. Susan Gray (verified owner)

    My cats have not arrived yet, hopefully they will love this beautiful unusual basket, very well made.

  3. Grace W. (verified owner)

    I was so pleased with the pet pod I purchased. The quality of the rattan is excellent, very sturdy and attractive. I would describe the colour as a greyish beige. I needed to ring the company to ask a couple of questions before I ordered the pod, and the customer service provided was helpful, efficient and friendly. The pod arrived very securely packaged and was delivered quickly. I bought it for my house rabbit, and he loves it too. I took the cushion out, and instead made it cosy with lining and lots of hay, and he hopped into it immediately to investigate, rest and eat, and goes in and out of it as and when he pleases. My rabbit is litter trained, therefore it is suitable for him, as he won’t use it as a loo. I imagine cats would love it to curl up and sleep in too. All in all an excellent quality purchase.

  4. Susan Gray (verified owner)

    My two cats cannot agree who gets the lovely basket I bought from you a few months ago, now they have got one each. Thank you, great product, great service.

  5. Mandy L. (verified owner)

    Great quality basket. Really spacious for large cat, good cushion & closer ‘weave’ than some, giving the cat the feeling of security. Also looks very good in office.

  6. karen H. (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with this cat bed and it has proved very popular with both of my two large boys. It is a well thought out, sturdy bed. Excellent quality and fits in with furnishings. Treat your cat you will not be disappointed!!!

  7. Lee (verified owner)

    The basket looks really and and is well made. The cat loves it. The only downside for me is the cushion, our cat is only small but after a couple of night’s sleeping in it you can feel the rattan through the cushion as there is barely any padding/support. (Knocked 1 star off for the cushion)

  8. sue carter (verified owner)

    Excellent pod looks good too.

  9. Julia (verified owner)

    Fantastic service from the Kosmopolitan team. I placed a last minute, urgent order as we had a kitten arriving and the basket was shipped immediately and arrived on time. A high quality basket that our kitten loves!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Gorgeous Cat Bed. Very happy. Delivery was really quick. 5*

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