We have some fabulous new shapes and sizes of wicker planters in stock, made from best quality grey rattan. These are the perfect way to display your treasured plants and give your patio that wow factor as they have built-in liners for immediate planting. You can just place ready potted plants in them too. It’s very fashionable right now!

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The grey wicker shows off green foliage brilliantly and using different textures together compliments the weave of the basket. Also try experimenting with darker or reddish foliage and natural brown wicker for exciting patio displays. Coleus, red-leaved dahlias, grasses, phormium and heuchera all have fantastic coloured foliage to play with. Climbers, spiky leaved plants and ferns all add drama to your planter. If you have a tall plant with little foliage at the bottom you can put smaller plants around the base for added interest. Fill a small planter with brightly coloured annuals for instant colour and place it on your outside dining table.

Large Round Grey Rattan Planter with Plastic Liner

Large Round Grey Rattan Planter

But you don’t have to be restricted by choosing a planter! Many of our log or storage baskets are ideal as plant pot containers too. You can either allow free drainage through the wicker if it has a tight weave, or line it with plastic to sit your pot plants in. You can also use thick plastic and fill with compost to plant straight into the basket.  Try using a basket with a handle and hang it from a tree or porch, filled with trailing nasturtiums or lobelia. Because container planting is often temporary you can let your playful creativity run free!

wicker planters

Oval Shaped Storage Basket

log basket planters

Round Shaped Log Baskets


Don’t forget they look stunning inside the house too, and not just in a conservatory. The tiny child’s shopping baskets look lovely with a vase of flowers on the windowsill and a larger indoor palm or cheeseplant will look very dramatic in a log basket woven from thick rattan. Indoor basket planters really are all the rage this year! Try filling a shopping basket with herb plants and it will look gorgeous on a kitchen windowsill, inside or out. Beautiful and practical too!

Child’s Shopper pot holder

Child’s Shopper

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Wicker will survive damp conditions well, but as it is a natural material it will eventually degrade. Maybe put them under cover in harsh, wet winter weather.