NEW NEW NEW!  African Shopping Baskets


Super excited to offer you our new stunning range of African shopping baskets, in beautiful bright colours of pink, lilac and blue with shoulder length strong leather handles and matching branded Kosmopolitan tag.




Our new range of sisal and wool shopping baskets compliments our already best selling classic French market shopping baskets. Beautiful bright summer essentials for the   beach, holiday bag or handbag.






With tan leather handles and matching Kosmopolitan branded tag.









This is the sisal plant which is largely grown in Ukambani, harvested and weaved in workshops in Nairobi. Once the sisal is harvested the inner soft leaves are used to make fiber.







The baskets are weaved using a spiral method of weaving which starts off as a mat then its weaved going upwards to the desired size. Weaving takes time as the warp and weft sisal threads are crisscrossed to form a pattern for the basket.







Basket weaving is essential work and is a skill passed down from generations. A profitable craft for many skilled weavers.







Many thanks for your continued support

From the Kosmopolitan Team